Spa therapies at home

Simple spa solutions
for the complicated life


The modern world overwhelms the senses. It's a constant buzzing, clicking, eye-straining rush hour.


MAAX wants you to reimage life with simple pleasures. A healing touch. Clarifying colors. Soothing aromas. Peaceful quiet.


Ease into happiness and health

You receive the benefits of a wellness coach, a massage therapist and relaxation expert every time you indulge in MAAX's spa therapy solutions. We apply today's innovative technologies to the principles of total well-being developed over the centuries, resulting in worries and stress melting away by the minute.


Hydrotherapy heals and revitalizes

Our advanced hydrotherapy systems master the proven healing, purifying and soothing powers of water. They restore your physical and mental balance, improve blood flow and cardiovascular function and stimulate the nervous system to alleviate fatigue and tension.


Hydrotherapy acts as a lubricant that keeps a human machine, fueled by a healthy diet and regular exercise. MAAX spa therapies tune you up by tuning out today's hustle and bustle so you can turn on to living once again.

  • Massage

    air massage picto

    Air massage

    Enjoy a rippling massage as gentle, soothing, quiet and pure as a simple spring rain.
    water massage picto

    Water massage

    Strategically placed jets pulse and swirl water with masseuse-like precision in the right places to relax and revive your muscles.

    water air massage picto

    Combined massage

    Elevate your experience by combining our exclusive water and air-jet massage systems for the ultimate spa-quality refreshment.

    Backmax picto


    We have your back and we're giving it an intense cascading massage.

    footmax picto


    The path to the soul just may start with the sole of your foot.

    REST Whirlpool picto

    REST Whirlpool System

    How quiet is the Rest system? This revolutionary system is 66% quieter than the average whirlpool pump.

  • Therapy

    aromatherapy picto


    Follow your nose on a wondrous journey to better health through essential oils.

    color therapy picto


    Bathe yourself in a kaleidoscope of color and envelop yourself in optimal health.

    heat therapy picto

    Heat therapy

    Lean back and melt into a total relaxation and relief for that achy neck, back and shoulders.

    ozone therapy picto


    Clean and purify your whirlpool by harnessing one of Mother Nature's most powerful elements.

    silent solution picto

    Silent solution

    Ears enjoy our therapy systems, too, thanks to noise reduction systems that help worries and cares whisper away.

  • Shower systems

    IES rainmax picto

    IES Rainmax

    Experience the pleasure of water gently falling, like delicate raindrops, through a myriad of tiny perforations in the roof cap.

    IES picto


    Indulge in an energizing body spray or a refreshing rain with these exceptional showering systems.

    multi jets picto

    Body jets

    Enhance your day as your muscles enjoy both a misting, low-pressure massage, and a deeper pulsating massage.

    Water Tester Pictogram

    Water tester

    Safely check the water temperature before you activate your hand shower unit.