B3X Shower Bases - New Product

B3Square double threshold base


Minimalist Design

Designed with clean simple lines, the B3X shower base provides a seamless bathroom flow and décor.  The 3 in. low threshold is designed to provide a minimalist look but also makes it easy to step in and out of the shower.



Improved water management

1) Weep holes

2) Higher flange (2 1/2 in.)

3) Lower and narrower side decks

4) 3 in. threshold

5) Central square drain

B3X Shower Bases


The base that forgives


Our new B3X shower base is sure to bring you peace of mind with its multiple key features designed to provide improved water management for tiled shower installations. This rectangular acrylic base comes with a smooth, non-porous floor that is comfortable for the feet and easy to clean. The acrylic construction is reinforced with wood fiberglass overlay to enhance weight resistance and the feel of solidity underfoot.


In addition, the B3X is supported by our 25-year warranty and comes with a trendy stainless steel square center drain. It comes in 2 standard sizes and is offered for a corner or alcove installation.


• 48’’ x 36’’ - alcove & corner available
• 60’’ x 36’’ - alcove & corner (left or right) available



    Integrated weep holes provide a superior watertightness in tile wall applications as they allow the water and humidity to evacuate.


    Providing a higher tiling flange of 2 1/2 in., this improved feature ensures a better watertightness between your base and your shower walls.



    Offering lower side decks than the front one, this  creates a greater barrier preventing water leakages. The B3X also has narrow decks reducing the amount of retained water on the side decks and offers an optimized floor design thus improving showering space.