Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q - Why should I choose an acrylic bathtub, tub shower or shower?
    • A - Acrylic holds many advantages over traditional materials such as porcelain and cast-iron, the most immediately noticeable being it is lightweight. This is most critical if your bathroom is not on a ground floor in terms of installation ease and floor weight load.

      MAAX uses high-quality cast acrylic that is thick, strong and durable. It has a soft, luxurious feel that is warm to the touch and retains heat, such as that from your bathwater. Integrated color pigment means it won't fade and even helps hide the minor scratches that come with normal use over time. It resists most cracks and chips, and any that do occur can be easily repaired.

      Acrylic is non-corrosive and non-porous. It won't rust and is highly resistant to mold, mildew and staining from minerals in water, crayons and even permanent markers. This also makes it easy to clean with mild, non-abrasive cleaners including dishwashing soap.

  • Q - What is the difference between options and accessories?
    • A - Options must be factory installed on your product, such as one of our whirlpool massage systems. Accessories, such as trim kits and grab bars, come separately and may be ordered after the product is installed. They don't usually require professional installation.


  • Q - Can I add a massage system to my bathtub after it is installed?
    • A - No. Massage systems, such as air-injection jets and whirlpools, must be installed during the manufacturing process.
  • Q - How can I change the speed of the blower on a keypad with display?
    • A - Press the blower icon to start. Press again without releasing the icon, the display will cycle through the speed options available: from SP6 (high speed) to SP1 (low speed) and PUL (massage), after it will go back to SP6. Release the icon at the desired speed.
  • Q - How can I choose different colours lights in the bathtub?
    • A - Press the iconto turn on the lights. Press again without releasing the icon, the display will go through the colour options; release the icon at the desired colour.
  • Q - What are the electrical requirements for the pump and/or the blower for proper installation?
    • A - It is recommended to use independent electrical circuits for each option, (ex. the pump, blower, water heater etc). Installation should  be done by a qualified electrician and adhere to the regulations in your area.
  • Q - How can I adjust the water temperature using the keypad?
    • A - It is impossible to adjust the water temperature from a keypad function. The water heater option is independent, it will help maintain a stable water temperature but it will not increase the water temperature.
  • Q - There is a greyish film around the interior surface of the bathtub?
    • A - This is normal, this film is an illusion created by the bathtub surface curvature and the lighting in your bathroom.
  • Q - I can see light passing through the bathtub surface?
    • A - This is normal, we use 2 types of product to make your bathtub, acrylic and fibreglass. These 2 products are semi opaque.
  • Q - The blower starts on its own after use of the bathtub.
    • A - This action is normal; the blower will run for approximately 30 seconds. This is the drying cycle process.
  • Q - Nothing is displayed on the keypad?
    • A - The display will light up once the jets are submerged at an appropriate water level. The iconwill light up once the level is attained.
  • Q - How do I clean my air jet bathtub system?
    • A - An air jet bathtub system does not need any particular maintenance, regular cleaning of your bathtub is sufficient.
  • Q - How do I clean the water jets and the inner piping of my bathtub?
    • A - Fill the bathtub with warm water and add 2 cups of dishwasher powder and turn on the jets for 20 minutes.
  • Q - What product do I use to clean my MAAX bathtub?
    • A - Any cleaning product with the inscription ‘’safe for acrylic’’ may be used. Pure vinegar is a very good cleaner for acrylic products. Avoid all abrasive products.
  • Q - What can I do to remove stubborn hard to remove stains?
    • A - Pure vinegar works very well to remove stubborn stains, but if the stain persists, use 99% alcohol.
  • Q - “NO H2O” appears on the display?
    • A - This indicates that the water level is not sufficient to execute the command. Increase the water level.
  • Q - How can I change the speed of the pump on a keypad with display?
    • A - Press the pump icon to start. Press again without releasing the icon, the display will cycle through the speed options available: from SP6 (high speed) to SP1 (low speed) and PUL (massage), after it will go back to SP6. Release the icon at the desired speed.


  • Q - Do all shower doors fit on showers with acrylic walls and tiled walls?
    • A - No. Unlike acrylic walls, the thickness of tiled walls will vary and this affects the type and size of door openings required. 

  • Q - Can I order my shower door after I have built my tiled shower?
    • A - You will save time, money and hassle if you select your shower door before starting work. With your door on hand, it's easy to ensure a proper fit in the opening before installing tile. Waiting until after the tile is installed my require you to purchase a custom-fitted door to match the opening.


  • Q - Why do the prices of shower doors vary greatly?
    • A - Shower doors price will vary for several reasons. The most common are size, glass type and thickness, and features. Generally, the thicker the glass, the more expensive the door. Certain features, such as adjustable hinges that compensate for non-plumb walls, will also increase the price.

  • Q - What are the main advantages and disadvantages between pivot and sliding doors?
    • A - In general, you can't go wrong choosing either. Pivot doors require more clearance and are usually best for larger bathrooms. They also allow easier user accessibility in and out. However, despite improvements in their technology, pivot doors still allow some water to drip onto the bathroom floor when opened and closed. Sliding doors are ideal for bathrooms where space is a premium. They generally resist water spillage, but they tend to have smaller openings. 

  • Q - Do you have the tracking number for my shipment?
    • A - An automated email will be sent to you with all necessary information if you have purchased your parts or replacement parts through our warranty department.
  • Q - Can MAAX cover the installation of my replacement parts?
    • A - MAAX warranties do not cover the labour cost for installation of any replacement parts. Please contact our technical support for more information.
  • Q - Where does caulking go?
    • A - Please follow the instructions contained in the installation manual, but as a rule of thumb never apply caulking on the glass along the inside areas, only on the outside of the shower door.
  • Q - Why is silicone not sticking to the acrylic?
    • A - In some situations the gloss of the acrylic does affect adhesion, in those situations we recommend to lightly sand the area where the silicone will be applied to create a rough surface.
  • Q - What kind of caulking do you recommend?
    • A - We recommend acrylic latex caulking.
  • Q - Can a shower doors be installed in non-heated areas?
    • A - MAAX shower doors can be used in both heated and non-heated areas.
  • Q - Should the foam be removed from the base?
    • A - DO NOT REMOVE FOAM FROM THE BASE. Under no circumstances should the foam be removed from the base. The foam provides stability and support to the base.
  • Q - Is there a spec sheet available for shower doors?
    • A - Some shower door models will have spec sheets, you may find them on the “Download and Support” tab of the product.
  • Q - How do I remove stains on the glass?
    • A - You can purchase glass cleaning products at any store. Please note that regular maintenance of the glass panels using soap and water will prevent mineral deposits from accumulating and causing stains.
  • Q - What is the warranty on MAAX products?
    • A - The warranty depends upon the category of your product (ex. shower, shower kit, door, bathtub, systems), please choose the appropriate category to see specific product warranties.
  • Q - If I do not have the serial number or receipt, is there another method to validate the warranty?
    • A - Unfortunately we absolutely require the serial number or receipt in order to validate the warranty of a product.
  • Q - Where can I purchase MAAX products?
    • A - There are two methods to locate the nearest dealer that carries MAAX products. You can choose the “Where to buy” link at the top of this menu or follow the link below:

      Another method would be to choose the product and click on Regional Availability.

  • Q - Can I purchase MAAX products directly from you?
    • A - We do not sell directly to the public, however we have many re-sellers across North America that carry the MAAX brand. Please refer to the “Where can I buy MAAX products” question above.
  • Q - Where is the serial number or model number located on the unit?
    • A - You can find the serial number on the product packaging, the MAAX Installation Questions sheet inside the packaging, or on the MAAX logo label on the product itself.
  • Q - Where can I obtain replacement parts?
    • A - You can now buy shower door replacement parts for MAAX shower doors online. Simply go to MAAX`s Replacement Parts site to purchase parts online. For all other replacement parts or if you cannot find the replacement part you need, send us a photo of your unit and the desired part using the Contact Us form. We will gladly find it for you.

      For general questions and support please call 1-877-438-6229 Monday – Friday 8am-6pm (EST).

  • Q - Where can I send pictures to identify the product?
    • A - You may send photos along with your coordinates and the nature of your request to: