People & Environment

Maax Employees on Stairs

People are at the heart of MAAX and everything we do

Our success comes from having a culture of openness and communication, more specifically, listening to people – employees, business partners or consumers. We empower our employees to respond quickly, creatively, and with the passion of a person committed to make the experience of doing business with us or using our products more enjoyable for everyone.

This creates an atmosphere steeped in both teamwork and innovative thinking that thrives in an industry that is highly competitive and presents a challenging climate of both changing styles and trends.

MAAX proudly offers a stimulating and challenging environment for its employees, coupled with a mentoring process that allows them to gain knowledge and additional skills. These efforts provide MAAX employees with an abundance of knowledge, increased motivation to be driven towards realizing defined goals as well as provide ideas to enhance MAAX and its various offerings, regardless of their area of expertise.

These efforts as a whole will place MAAX as the best brand in North America.