Engineers & Designers

Designer 3D Drawing Maax Product

As a trendsetter in the world of bath products, MAAX proudly maintains a highly respected team of creative and detailed-oriented professionals to research develop and perfect the award-winning designs and innovative features that make our bathtubs, showers and shower doors popular with a diverse segment of customers.


Form and function

While grounded in the disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering and industrial design, our engineers and designers also exhibit a passion for their commitment to aesthetics as much as functional excellence. Striving for distinctive style along with unique enhancements leads to a perfect balance among the feature and benefits customers search for; visually exciting, easy installation and maintenance, and of course, an experience.

With decades of service in this industry, members of our Research and Development team work closely with leading national and international associations to discover and fulfill the needs of our diverse customer base. This dedication has resulted in more than 80 unique patents that have created an experience that builders, plumbers and consumers recommend and more importantly, enjoy.


Quality matters

MAAX ensures customers that all its products meets the highest standards of production. In addition to using state-of-the-art technology to design and manufacture its products, MAAX also maintains its own fully staffed quality control laboratory and a facility licensed to offer product certification that meets the required code regulations present within our industry and MAAX`s own strict performance criteria for all its products.

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